Jay-Z Feat. Common - Open Letter Pt 2 by TimbalandPassion

5th grade me: I'll never do drugs
Me now: Bruh

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Person: “I’m just gonna play devil’s advocate here and—”

Satan: “Whoa whoa hey I didn’t agree to this I don’t even know you.”

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"According to the FBI, there have been 129 confirmed white Christian terrorists in the last 20 years. That includes Timothy McVae, the uni-bomber, the Atlanta Olympics bomber and dozens of family planning centers and abortion clinics. Muslims? 19. Which would make white people the most likely demographic to commit a terrorist attack. So watch your mouth before you call me a terrorist or I’ll knock your fucking teeth out.


"Sexual exploitation is at the heart of colonialism, imperialism, and global capitalism. Each economic system has its particular historically specified sexualized economic mode."

Zillah Eisenstein, Against Empire, 85 (via feelingpolitical)